Youth Members

Applying to join

Would you/your son/daughter like to join us as a youth member?

We almost always have space in Scouts (age 10½ to 14) and Explorers (age 14 to 18).  We sometimes have space in Beavers (age 6 to 8) and Cubs (age 8 to 10½) but also run a waiting list if there are not currently spaces.

Applications to join are handled initially via the District.  If you would like to sign up, please go to the following link:

District Joining Page

What happens next?

Once we offer a place, your son/daughter will join us for their first meeting.  They will be put with a group of other young people (a Lodge in Beavers, a Six in Cubs or a Patrol in Scouts).

Once they are sure they want to stay you can get their uniform shirt/sweatshirt.

More about payments for membership can be found here.  Useful forms (if you have lost them) can be found here.

Depending on the Section they will need to do some activities to gain their Membership Award, then will be invested.  During this ceremony (which family are welcome to attend) they take their Promise and receive their necker and badges.

You can read more about the Promise here: