Useful Documents and SharePoint

For Leaders

Office 365

District have provided an Office 365 system we can use – see below for more details.  This also gets you a email address if you’d like a separate one for Scouting and to make things easier in the event of a GDPR Subject Access Request being made.

You can also use this but forward it to yourself – log in, go to the cog icon (top right), type “forwarding” in the search box, click Forwarding and enter your target email address.  But please note if you do do this your replies will come from your personal email address.

You can access Office 365 email at


We have moved most of the Leader resources onto the District’s SharePoint server.  You will need your email address and password to log into this.  If you don’t have one or don’t know it please use the Webstore to sort this out:

Please feel free to upload your own stuff there to help us collaborate better!  There are folders for each Section and general folders.

Nights Away

This form should be completed and submitted 14 days in advance of any camp/other overnight event.

The online form linked here is best.  You can also use a traditional Word form if you prefer; this is on the Sharepoint.


These forms should be completed, printed (if appropriate) and returned with any money and receipts to the Group Treasurer using the details on the form.  You can download them from SharePoint, please also keep your old forms in the folder on there.


POR, the “rule book”, can be found here.