Like all Scout Groups at the Saints we have a uniform which is as follows:

Beavers: turquoise sweatshirt and necker/scarf

Cubs: green sweatshirt and necker/scarf

Scouts: green long-sleeved shirt and necker/scarf

Explorers: brown long-sleeved shirt and necker/scarf

The Group provides uniform for adult Leaders.

At weekly meetings we typically wear “top half uniform” as above with any trousers, shorts etc and shoes/trainers.  On formal occasions like parades young people should either wear school trousers and shoes with uniform, or Scout branded activity trousers and school shoes.

Other uniform items e.g. polo shirts are available but are optional additional items to the above.

You can buy uniform from the Scout Shop at the Quarries, John Lewis in CMK, or online via the national Scout Shop or our District shop.  The necker/scarf is supplied by the Group when the young person is invested into their Section.

Uniform is needed before young people are invested (join formally), but there is no need to get it until they are sure they wish to join.