Our Activities

What do we do in Scouting?

Well…almost anything!

From week to week we could be playing games, doing First Aid, doing craft, doing cooking, going out for a short hike, doing a wide game in the woods, welcoming visitors, climbing, visiting places like the fire/police station…there are lots of possibilities!

We also do camps and day events.  Every young person has the chance to attend at least one a year, with more events for the older Sections.  These might be under canvas or in a building, and tend to be more local for younger children but can be anywhere in the country or even international for older children!  Again activities are varied – survival skills, hikes, climbing, shooting/archery and more…

What is very important to us is our Promise and Law.  These are a “code of behaviour” for Scouts which we all promise to follow when we join.  You can find out more about these here: