Joining and Training


When a new adult joins the Group, the following process is followed:

  1. We get you to complete a joining form.  This is entered into our national membership system, Compass.
  2. We check your identification and complete your DBS check (this can take from a week to roughly a month).  The information this returns remains confidential and we do not get to see it at Group level.  Pending this, some supervised involvement is likely to be possible; we will discuss this with you.
  3. The District follow up your references.
  4. A meeting is arranged for you at the Quarries (or if necessary elsewhere) to discuss your role and training.
  5. In the first 3 months you complete and validate the initial training modules (see below).
  6. Other training is completed over the following 3 years.


Don’t worry if this looks daunting – it isn’t and we will help you through it!

New Leaders need to do Module 1, 2 and 3 (not 2 if a Section Assistant only).  Exec Members only Module 1.

Each module requires 2 components – training and validation…

County Training Calendar for in person training e.g. First Response: Training Calendar 2018 for Leaders

Module 1

Training here:

Exec Members need to complete the training in person except in exceptional circumstances.  However the online version for them (1EX) is here:

Validation for Leaders:

  • Discussion with Training Adviser (Quarries)
  • plus two of (other than Section Assistants):
    • carry out a risk assessment of a meeting place
    • create and deliver an activity to explain the Promise and the Law and how they relate to the Fundamentals of The Scout Association to young people or adults new to Scouting
    • work with young people to create and implement an Anti-Bullying code, and explain how it may help to prevent bullying within the section
    • Or a similar pre-agreed item

Validation for Exec:

  • Discussion with Training Adviser (Quarries)
  • plus either: attend a meeting of their Executive Committee and outline how you contributed to the meeting
    or: carry out a risk assessment of a property managed or owned by their Executive Committee
    (Or a similar pre-agreed item)

Module 3

Training here:


  • One of:
    • plan and run, or assist in running, a section meeting; and reflect on this in a discussion with your Training Adviser
    • Or a similar pre-agreed item

Data Protection

Training here:,888&moduleID=10

Module 2 (not Section Assistants) is a Personal Learning Plan – the best way to do this is to attend one of the Monday evening Quarries sessions to do this with the training team.  This is not needed for Section Assistants but is for others.  If your Section meets on a Monday we can arrange cover so you can get there.  These are the first Monday of the month, 7-9pm.

Periodic training

You also need to do the following periodically:

First Response/First Aid every 3 years – there are courses at the Quarries through the year.  You should do this as soon as possible after your start.  Section Assistants/Exec are not required to do it but it is a good idea!

Safety and Safeguarding every 5 years – everyone must do these about 5 years after they start (module 1 covers them initially) – these are run around the County periodically, you can also do them online as below, but need to alternate an online and an in person course.  (The latter is more important for Safeguarding).

Data Protection periodically (to be advised) – this is a new course mandatory for all adults.  Please screenshot / print out the completion screen and send this to Stuart Black.,888&moduleID=10