Have I paid?

We have had a few questions regarding whether people have paid or not for camps etc.  You can find out as follows.  For Subs which use a different system please check with your Section Leader.

Go to OSM -> Parents Login on this website.

Log in with your OSM username and password (if you have more than one child in the Group you may have more than one login, one for each child, or if you use the same email and password for both they can be set up together).  If you don’t have one, you can get in by clicking the link on any OSM email you have and set one up, or you can use the Contact Us form on the website to ask for a link to be sent to you.

Go to the Events link at the top when you log in.

Find the event you are interested and click View.

Check Attending is Yes (change it if not).  If it isn’t Yes and this is not available to select, the deadline has probably passed so contact your Section Leader.  Click View Payments and Pay Online.

Scroll down and look at the Status.

If it is as follows, with a Direct Debit is active message and the red cancel button, a direct debit is set up.  In this case your payment will go through on or just after the deadline – this is fine, you need take no further action.  If you want to cancel the direct debit you can use the red button or cancel via your bank; if you do this you’ll have to pay separately.  Note that cancelling this does NOT cancel Subs payments, these are by standing order and would need to be cancelled via your bank.

If it says Not due yet, Due or Overdue, or the Pay Now button is available, you have not paid so please make a payment online or by cash/cheque payable to The Saints Scout Group (if you paid cash/cheque at a meeting please give this a few days to update as we have to flag it as paid manually in that case – in that case please ignore any automated reminders).  For Dragons ESU please check with the Leaders for the cheque payee.

If it says something else e.g. Paid or Paid Manually and the Pay Now button is not there, you have paid – no more to do!  (It might still take a few days to debit your bank account.)

We hope this is of some help in explaining any confusion.