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Hike 100 2018 – how far did we get?

The weekend of September 7th to 9th 2018 saw Hike 100 make a return, one of The Saints Scout Group’s most popular Scout Section events.  This year we expanded to include the Beavers and Cubs as well as Dragons ESU.

It all started in 2007 with our “100 challenges for the 100th year of Scouting” – the plan was simple – a relay hike around a route of 100km with people added to and removed as they get tired or want to go and walk a bit more.  Traditionally the event has been sponsored to raise money for charity; this year we chose a split between Willen Hospice and helping to fund Jessie and Lilli’s attendance at the World Scout Jamboree in 2019.  The way the fees are structured also helps fund those from less fortunate countries to attend.

This year as normal we set out around 8pm including a Scout who was just attending the Scout meeting, with the first main swap around midnight and a number of the Explorers still going strong.  But bedtime doesn’t bring rest for everyone, as James and a small team of Explorers carried on into the night, only being swapped out (and supplied with hot chocolate) at our former Wide Games venue at Brickhill Woods.

Saturday saw first the Beavers and then the Cubs join us to help add to the total, completing 8.9 and 9.3km respectively, while the Scouts and Explorers carried on, having stopped for a break at Leighton Buzzard and started a long slog along the canal…with Byron and Callum still going strong (if a bit tired from the overnight!)  We were also joined in the hut by Bucks Scout Radio ( who continued to broadcast live for most of the event and kept the Scouts who weren’t walking or sleeping in the hut interested!

Heading into the second overnight, and duly supplied with pizza, the intrepid Explorer team (joined again by some more Scouts) carried on along the towpath, making it as far as Wolverton before, falling asleep on his feet and exhausted, Callum had to head in for a rest…but do not fear, he joined us again at Calverton, where the Scouts headed in and  I brought the final team back in to victory and the hut at 5am!

A massive thank you to everyone who gave their time to walk with us, to Bucks Scout Radio for keeping us entertained, and a massive well done to all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers who gave their all to help us complete the 100km (we’re convinced it gets harder each year)!

Some statistics…after a lot of discussion and checking of the route by various means (comparing GPS wobble/jumping against OS and Google Maps), we got to the following…

Total Route Length 108.5km

Beavers and Cubs Additional Distance 17.9km (giving an overall distance covered of 126.4km)

Total number of kilometres walked between us 905.1km

Total time approximately 33 hours

And finally, a well done to everyone for their efforts, but in particular Byron who completed 108.5km with 33 hours on his feet, quite an accomplishment (and he could still walk by Tuesday!)  Callum came very close at 97.4km, and Ethan 93.7km – never mind Endurance 80 (great event by the way)? – we win! 🙂

Neil Williams

Group Scout Leader

September 2018

ByThe Saints Scout Group

Group Camp 2017

Our Group Camp took place 13-15 October at the Quarries with a wide range of activities for all ages.  I have included a couple of photos here, most are now online in the parents’ section (see OSM for the password).

A brief report from Ada. A:

The Group Camp was a success, though I do suggest that those who planned it look into how to do a themed camp. As I was a little disappointed when nothing ‘Spy’ themed crept into the weekend.

But it was incredibly fun, even if I- An explorer -sat on a bridge in the cold waiting to ask different teams questions.

Despite the weather- and the many lost objects I kept finding -I do believe that the whole group enjoyed themselves immensely.


ByThe Saints Scout Group

Our Chief Scout Gold award Expedition!

Before we started the hike we first had to plan the route. We did so using Google maps a few days before the expedition, we planned the route so that we would begin at the Peace Pagoda at Willen Lake and then to walk along the Grand Union Canal until we reached the Quarries campsite in Cosgrove which was around 7 miles away.

On the 16th of august at 7:30am we met at “the hut” near Chestnuts Primary School, from there Neil and Tom drove us to Woolstone about a mile away from the Peace Pagoda. After this extra mile added on to the original route we eventually reached the Peace Pagoda. After that, we walked towards the canal, and then began the walk along the canal towards the Quarries Campsite. At this stage of the journey we were walking fairly slow as we were carrying all of our kit for the two days of the expedition while having to carry our tent and trangia for when we got to our site.

After about 3/4 of the walk we arrived at Wolverton’s Tesco where we went in to with £21 to buy our dinner, breakfast and lunch. Inside Tesco we bought the food necessary to make char grilled chicken fajitas including vegetables and various sauces, bacon butties for breakfast and also ham to use with the left over bread for lunch. After buying all of these, we surprisingly had change and so we headed back to the canal and followed the rest of our route to the Quarries, where we setup our tent on site 8 and cooked our food on the trangia around the fire, then talking with the leaders who had joined us there (Neil, Tom, Kieran and Ben) before finally crashing in our tent from the exhausting day hike there.

After cleaning all the rubbish on the site and packing away all of our belongings we walked towards Tesco to buy our lunch for that day due to the ham being destroyed. However, to get there we took a slightly different route, venturing towards Stony Stratford, and then following the river Ouse towards Wolverton. This journey took us a relatively short amount of time and we soon arrived at Tesco. In Tesco we each bought our lunch with the remainder of the money and just outside. After finishing our lunch we decided to change our route and walk through New Bradwell, Stantonbury, Great Linford, Pennyland and then onto the canal for the last stretch to the Peace Pagoda, our final destination. This route was much quicker to walk, however was still 4 hours long and about 7 miles long, like the previous day. After walking all this way and picking up two bags worth of rubbish we took a picture of Nathan and Joe next to the peace pagoda to show that we had collected 2 bags of rubbish so that they could complete the environmental section of the world badge. After this we walked to the peace pagoda car park where we were picked up and taken home and finished our expedition challenge badge, for the Chief Scout Gold award.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the expedition, and think that everyone should try for the Chief Scout gold award, as it is very rewarding and fun.

Nathan, Callum and Joe