Staying “In Touch”

Email and Facebook

In the Group we often communicate by email – it’s free and easy and makes sure you are up to date with the latest information on Scouting.  Different Sections use e-mail differently, and some use closed Facebook groups as well, about which your Section Leader can provide information.

Sometimes these e-mails can end up in your Spam or Promotions folder.  If they do it’s a good idea to add the “from” address from that e-mail to your address book, and to click “not spam” or move it to your Inbox, and hopefully this won’t happen any more.

If you are still having problems receiving emails please talk to your Section Leader or contact us.

For most of the e-mails we send you can look back at them by logging into OSM.

We also have a Group closed Facebook group here:

Camps and Events

If, for example, we need to let you know about a train delay on the way home from a camp, we may use our text and e-mail lists. The text list sends to all mobile numbers you have given to us (whether your son/daughter is on the event or not) to make sure everyone who needs the information gets it. Please therefore make sure you check your phone / e-mail as regularly as you can during an event.

In emergency we will use the first contact number given on the information form. If there is no answer we will leave a message and try other numbers given to us.

Please ask your son/daughter if they have a problem on camp to make sure they let us know about it, and let us know if they call you during a camp about a problem we might not know about – if we don’t know about it we can’t solve it, and often homesickness is made worse if they talk to someone at home first.

Please make sure we are kept up to date with any change of personal or medical details by telling your Section Leader or via OSM – we may need these at any time!