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Group Camp 2017

Our Group Camp took place 13-15 October at the Quarries with a wide range of activities for all ages.  I have included a couple of photos here, most are now online in the parents’ section (see OSM for the password).

A brief report from Ada. A:

The Group Camp was a success, though I do suggest that those who planned it look into how to do a themed camp. As I was a little disappointed when nothing ‘Spy’ themed crept into the weekend.

But it was incredibly fun, even if I- An explorer -sat on a bridge in the cold waiting to ask different teams questions.

Despite the weather- and the many lost objects I kept finding -I do believe that the whole group enjoyed themselves immensely.


ByThe Saints Scout Group


Hello all.

Just to give congratulations to Jessie, who has been selected to attend the 2019 World Scout Jamboree in the USA.  I think this is the first time the Group has sent a member to the Jamboree in its current form (though certainly St Marys has had people go to previous Jamborees).
Well done!
Also a well done to Nathan, Byron and Ollie of the Dragons for their enthusiasm in taking part in the selection weekend.
Neil (GSL)